"River Mooring" Swift Water Boat Anchor

"River Mooring" Swift Water Boat Anchor

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This isn't your fancy stainless steel anchor to hang off the front of your yacht. This non-traditional anchor was developed to work in deeper water and higher currents where normal anchors just won't hold. It features a rear ballast box allowing the user to add additional weight and customize its holding force for specific conditions and boat sizes.  


  • Originally designed for SAR, ROV, and dive operations
  • Swift currents
  • Deeper water (able to hold in less than 5:1 scope ratio)
  • Most types of bottom compositions
  • Rescue work
  • Utility work
  • Small dredging operations


  • Self setting and aligning
  • Low profile design eliminates "tumbling" in strong currents
  • Rear ballast box
  • Dual side plates to capture bottom material
  • HD Zinc coating protection
  • Dual galvanized leader harness chains and shackles
  • Will not work with self storing roller systems
  • Includes chain "sling" and 3 shackles  (no rope included)

Available Sizes:

  1. 12" (25lb empty weight)   Up to 25' Vessel (use 3/8" rope)
  2. 18" (37lb empty weight)   Up to 35' Vessel (use 1/2" rope)
  3. 24" (47lb empty weight)   Up to 45' Vessel (use 5/8" rope)

Anchor-Vessel recommendations vary greatly based on following factors:

  • Water depth
  • Current speed
  • Wind conditions
  • Boat draft
  • Bottom composition
  • Depth/Rode ratio (scope)
  • Maximum anchor weight and holding depends on media used to fill ballast box

Click here for anchor line and chain.

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Patent Pending and Made in the USA!

2 Year Warranty on all Swift Water Anchors!