Explore the Depths with Our Magnet Fishing Kit

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Looking for the perfect tool to make your magnetic fishing experience more efficient? Look no further than SRE Gear's Magnet Fishing Kit! Our kits are designed with the avid magnet fisherman in mind, providing a powerful neodymium fishing magnet, durable and strong rope, and other essential accessories to help you recover lost treasures from waterways and other hard-to-reach places.

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Brute Magnetics designs the best and most effective recovery magnet kits available. These magnet fishing gear kits feature professional quality at recreational prices. Check out their wide range of pull strengths and sizes for every need. From 880lb to 3,600lb pull, to their cone shaped magnets, designed to reduce snags on underwater obstacles, we are sure to offer a best fishing magnet kit to meet your needs.

If you need assistance when choosing from the selection of underwater retrieving fish magnet, give us a call. Our team is well-versed with each of these products and can provide expert advice. Don't overlook the excellent value of the magnetic fishing setthey have everything you need from fishing gloves to double braided rope so that you can get started with one package. Best Magnets for fishing.


  • What is Magnet Fishing ?

    Magnet fishing is a recreational activity where a powerful magnet, often included in a magnet fishing kit, is attached to a rope and thrown into bodies of water. The magnet attracts and retrieves metallic objects from the water, such as coins, jewelry, tools, or historical artifacts, making it an intriguing and adventurous hobby.

  • Where to buy a magnet fishing kit?

    You can purchase a magnet fishing kit from SRE Gear. They offer a variety of magnet fishing kits on their website, which includes a strong magnet, rope, and other accessories. Visit their online store at https://sregear.com/collections/magnet-fishing-kit to explore their selection and make a purchase.

  • Can fishing magnets lose their magnetic strength over time?

    Over an extended period, neodymium magnets, like those used in fishing magnets, can experience a slight decrease in their magnetic strength. However, this process is generally gradual and occurs over several years. Taking proper care of the magnet, such as avoiding excessive heat or impact, can help maintain its magnetic strength for a longer duration.