Rechargeable Nitecore Flashlights with Charging Dock

Illuminate any task with a Nitecore flashlight. The R40 V2 boasts a powerful 1200-lumen output and easy-to-use charging dock, while the R25 offers an 800-lumen output and long battery life. Both feature a range of modes and durable construction for reliable lighting wherever you go. Choose the Nitecore flashlight with a charging dock for convenient and efficient lighting every time.

Our line of 
Nitecore flashlights with charging docks is ideal for a large variety of uses. Law enforcement, search teams, and just about anybody can greatly benefit from the use of our rechargeable flashlights. They are proven to survive in any type of environment, guaranteeing you will never be left in the dark. Equipped with a multitude of brightness settings, you can quickly adapt to any type of situation. Designed with multiple high-performance ways to charge and premium quality materials, our line of Nitecore flashlights with charging docks will be your favorite outdoor gear accessory. Browse our collection of Nitecore rechargeable flashlight below! 


  • What is a Nitecore flashlight?

    A Nitecore flashlight is a high-quality, durable flashlight produced by the brand Nitecore. Known for their innovation and performance, Nitecore flashlights are designed for various applications, including outdoor adventures, tactical use, and everyday carry.

  • Are Nitecore flashlights compatible with other charging docks?

    Nitecore flashlights are designed to work specifically with their corresponding charging docks. It is recommended to use the original charging dock provided by Nitecore to ensure compatibility and optimal charging performance.

  • Can I charge other devices using the charging dock of a Nitecore flashlight?

    The charging dock for Nitecore flashlights is specifically designed for charging the flashlight's battery and may not be suitable for charging other devices. The charging dock's specifications and compatibility are typically limited to the Nitecore flashlight it is intended for. It is not recommended to use the charging dock for charging other devices unless explicitly specified by the manufacturer.