Peerless Chain

Grade 43 chain features both high tensile strength and resistance to wear needed by modern hauling and heavy duty trucking, farm and construction firms. Widely used for trailer safety chain, tow/log chain, guard chain, general purpose utility chain, and/or tailgate chain.

Grade 70 Chain is a high quality, high strength carbon steel chain, heat-treated and used for load securement and binding applications designed specifically to provide a light, yet strong chain for binding, tie-downs, towing, and construction use.

Domestic Grade 70 chain for sale is made from Yellow Chromate and is stamped with the Working Load every 10 links for 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2 G70 chain that meets DOT regulations and NACM. Grade 70 transport chain is sold in 1/4 inch G70 chain, 5/16 G70 chain, 3/8 G70 chain, and 1/2 G70 chain and order unit is per foot.

Grade 70 Cargo Chain is used in the following industries: Agriculture & Forestry, Bridge Builders, Highway and Street, Steel Erection, Military, Transportation & Utilities - Power, Water, Sewer & Pipe.