Recovery Ropes

Heavy Recovery Rope 

Heavy Recovery Rope by Lightweight and unbelievably strong, our Amsteel-Blue recovery ropes are custom spliced here at SREGEAR.  Available in various diameters, lengths, and strengths, choose what works best for you.  

For a premium recovery rope, check out Samson's Panther line. Available in breaking strengths from 22 to 770 Ton. These are lightweight, high-strength, low-stretch slings built to last. Made of 100% Dyneema fiber grommet with a double-braid full-length chafe guard. These are your "big boy" slings and we stock many sizes.

Combine the above with a Samson Link-It soft shackle for a secure connection. Made from 100% Dyneema fiber, these soft shackles are lightweight and safer to use than steel connection hardware. Can be sized and used as a "weak link" in your rigging line.

Call us for a custom size, length, strength, or application that you are looking for. We can add end loop chafe guard and full length chafe guard. Lead time on out-of-stock Panther Recovery Slings is 3-4 weeks. Tow ropes ARE NOT for lifting applications.

Due to unknown forces placed on kinetic recovery ropes, used rope is not returnable.

Click here for our recovery rope warning label.

If you're looking for everything in heavy towing ropes, please visit our subsidiary company at Full Pull Rope.