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Static Rope vs. Rigging Rope for Tree Climbing

Posted by Logical Position on

Two essential pieces of tree-climbing gear include static ropes and rigging ropes. Before picking a rope, you’ll want to understand how these pieces differ. Using the wrong type of rope can increase the likelihood of an accident. You could experience an injurious fall or be struck by falling tree limbs. To prevent injury, it’s critical to learn the difference between a static rope vs. rigging rope for tree climbing. Static Rope Static ropes are a great type of rope for rescue work. These ropes are, as the name suggests, mostly static, meaning they only stretch minimally when placed under a...

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A List of Essential Search and Recovery Equipment

Posted by Tiffany Leis on

To make sure your next mission goes smoothly, you'll need the right kind of equipment. This list of essential search and recovery equipment can help.

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21700 Battery Charger Hours and Usage

Posted by SRE Gear on

21700 batteries are rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries. They have a higher capacity and power output than 18650 batteries, and, for these reasons, are considered an upgrade. 21700 batteries are widely used in smaller, portable electronic devices, and power some newer models of flashlights. They're compact, bright, and long-lasting, making them an ideal source of illumination. In order to harness the 21700 battery's impressive energy capacity, you’ll need to properly charge them. By understanding the 21700 battery’s charger hours and usage, you’ll be able to make a careful, informed choice on the type of charger you buy. 21700 Versus 18650 Batteries The...

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