Pro Recon Water Rescue Sling

Pro Recon Water Rescue Sling

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    Ice Rescue System’s Pro Recon Water Rescue Sling designed to offer positive buoyancy to victims in water. The Pro-Recon Sling is state of the art. There is no comparison to other similar devices available on the market. The Standard Water Rescue Sling can be operated in many different capacities. It may be used as a straight extension from the rescuer to the victim, or shaped into a sling. The Standard Water Sling can be added to the Rapid Transport Sled, or to the 9-1-1 reach pole. It is the rescuer’s choice of victim positive buoyancy. The Ice Rescue Systems Pro-Recon Water Rescue Sling is specifically designed for “The Ultimate,” in ease of operation. No more left of right shoulder placement. Simply secure it and go! Made in America. For more information, download the Pro Recon Sling Product Sheet.


    • Molded to fit rescuer and victim’s body
    • Ergonomically correct for hand placement
    • Wire-gate carabiner added to repel ice build up
    • 3,000 lb webbing construction
    • 18 Lbs buoyancy
    • Color coded attachment to the Rapid Transport System


    • Affordably priced
    • Easy to secure – left/right hand interchangeable
    • One rescuer capable
    • No strap set up or inflation
    • Easily stored in/on fire apparatus
    • Low profile
    • Best practice used in victim extraction
    • Color coded to lessen rescuer confusion

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    Weight 4 lbs
    Dimensions 34 × 16 × 10 in

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