NFPA Prime Padded Seat Harness

NFPA Prime Padded Seat Harness

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NFPA Class II Rescue Harness

This Class II seat harness will impress you with its versatility and comfort. Special breathable, laminated foam padding provides comfort not often found in basic seat harnesses. Special 2-piece buckles allow you to don without having to step-through the harness. Quick-adjust waist buckle. Primary rigging D-ring floats along the waist strap to better balance the forces placed on the rescue - giving greater comfort. Side D-rings allow for placement of positioning lanyards and fold away for storage.

SEI Certified NFPA 1983. Made In U.S.A.

Part # Size Waist
7052021 Small 27 35
7052031 Medium/Large 31 39
7052051 X-Large 35 - 51