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Nitecore RSW1 Pressure Switch for MT10C MT2C MT25 MT26 MT40 MH12 MH27 MH25 MH40 and P25 P10 P12 P16 P20 P20UV CG6 CI6 CR6 SRT6 SRT7 SRT7GT

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Compatible with the models below
  • Multi-Task Series: MT10C, MT2C, MT25, MT26, MT40
  • Mutli-Task Hybrid Series: MH12, MH12GT, MH27, MH27UV, MH25, MH40, MH40GT, MH40GTR
  • Precise Series: P25, P10, P12, P16, P12GT
  • Chameleon Series: CG6, CI6, CR6,
  • SRT Series: SRT7GT, SRT7, SRT6