Nitecore NTP31 Aluminum Allow Tactical Bolt Action Pen

Nitecore NTP31 Aluminum Allow Tactical Bolt Action Pen

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  • Bolt Design to securely maneuver between pen or tungsten tapered tip
  • Designed for self-defense, emergency escapes, and daily writing
  • High quality German ink refill for quick-drying, waterproof, and fade-resistant writing.
  • Lightweight with Stainless steel clip for secure carry
  • Impact and corrosion resistant
  • Refill: Schneider Gelion+

Included in the Box

  • Nitecore NTP31

Unique Bolt Action Tactical Pen

NITECORE NTP31 is a uniquely designed aluminum alloy bolt action tactical pen. The three position bidirectional bolt action allows you to pop out the pen tip or windows breaker, or retract both for everyday carry. The NTP31 houses an easily replaceable Schneider gel ink refill for quick drying, waterproof, and fade resistant writing. On the other end of the NTP31 is a tapered tungsten steel point window breaker, whose hardness is only second to diamonds.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

The NTP31 is constructed from aluminum alloy that offers lightweight ruggedness with an excellent resistance to impact and corrosion. The NTP31 is designed to be used outdoors and is perfect to withstand harsh conditions.

Designed for EDC

Designed for comfortable writing, the body of the NTP31 has anti-skid threads in the center which increases friction and prevents sliding. A strong stainless steel clip allows you to easily attach the pen to your pocket, shirt, or backpack to avoid the loss of the pen. Weighing only 0.72 ounces and measuring less than 5.5 inches in length, the sleek NTP31 is the perfect addition to your EDC collection or survival gear toolkit.


Weight 0.72 oz
Length 5.2 in
Diameter 0.4 in
Pen Material Aluminum Alloy
Bezel Material Tungsten steel
Refill Schneider Gelion+ .7mm ballpoint pen refill

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