Nitecore NBP68HD Advanced Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack for TM28 TM15 TM26 TM36, TM38 (Upgrade for NBP52 and NBP68)

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Nitecore NBP68HD battery pack is designed for the Tiny Monster TM28 and compatible with other flashlights in Tiny Monster series such as the TM15, TM26, TM36, and TM38. This impressive battery pack has the power of eight 18650 batteries, doubling the run time of your light.

NBP68HD has replaced the previous NBP68 and NBP52 battery packs.

The optional rapid charging adapter doubles the charging current and reduces the charging time.


  • Double TM series flashlight run time with 8 built-in 3400mAh 18650 batteries.
  • Two ways to charge: charge through flashlight, charge by itself using TM15, TM26 or TM36 A/C power adapters.


  • Capacity: 98 Wh
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging current: 2A or 4A
  • Weight: 20.7oz (587g)
  • Size: diameter 2" (50mm), length: 6.2" (157mm)


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