Nitecore HU60 1600 Lumen Dual-Beam Focusable Headlamp

Nitecore HU60 1600 Lumen Dual-Beam Focusable Headlamp

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  • 1600 max lumen with a throw of 177 yards
  • 170° illumination angle with the floodlight
  • E-Focus technology automatic zoom adjustment
  • Accepts any 2A USB power source
  • Lightweight split type headlamp design
  • Optional wireless wristband remote

Included in the Box

  • HU60 Headlamp
  • USB cable clips
  • Headband
  • Wristband remote
  • Spare O-ring

1600 Lumen Floodlight/Spotlight Headlamp

The NITECORE HU60 is a focusable headlamp that yields a maximum brightness of 1600 lumen in every foreseeable beam angle variation you could desire and meet all your needs for work or during outdoor activities. Fully focus the HU60 to 100% spotlight and you get a powerful beam that reaches 177 yards, ideal for exploration and search and rescue. Fully adjust the HU60 to floodlight and you get 170 degrees of illumination that covers nearly everything in front of you. This revolutionary headlamp brings the power, flexibility, and reliability to everyone.

Innovative E-Focus Operation

The HU60 does not come with an outdated contracting lens mechanism for focusing the headlight beam. The HU60 employs a simplified E-Focus technology that is incredibly user friendly: 1 button to increase flood, 1 button to increase spot; it is that simple. Additionally, the optional wristband remote can wirelessly control all of the HU60's functions, facilitating easy adjustment of the focus or power on or off the light. It comes preset with five balanced flood and spot ratios that cover all of your bases in illumination needs.

USB Powered - Unlimited Power Options

The HU60 can be powered by any USB power source with >2A output: power banks, battery packs, and more. Not only does this reduce the weight of the headlamp thereby reducing strain on the user, it also means the HU60 can work endlessly as long as you have a compatible power source. When paired with a recommended Nitecore NPB2, the HU60 can run for up to 10 hours on high mode. The NPB series power banks have a built in lock onto the HU60's USB cable allowing for a very secure and stable connection. HU60 needs a >9V output power source to reach high and turbo settings.


LED 4x CREE XP-G3 S3 + 1x CREE XHP35 HD E2
Maximum Brightness 1600 lumen
Peak Beam Distance 177 yards
Peak Beam Intensity 6570 cd
IP Rating IP67
Impact Resistance 1 m
Dimensions L-1.87"xW-1.7"xH-1.66"
Weight 4.14oz


Turbo 1600 lumen 1hr 30min
High 460 lumen 5hr
Mid 200 lumen 9hr 30min
Low 50 lumen 23hr
Ultra Low 5 lumen 45hr

Turbo 1200 lumen 1hr
High 480 lumen 4hr 30min
Mid 200 lumen 7hr 30min
Low 50 lumen 21hr
Ultra Low 5 lumen 45hr

Compatible Power Sources

NPB Series NITECORE NPB Series Power Bank 5V/2A Y (Recommended)
QC Power Source USB Power Source (QC Output) 5V/2A Y (Recommended)
USB Power Source USB Power Source (>5V/2A Output) 5V/2A Y (Compatible)
USB Power Source USB Power Source (<5V/2A) -/- N (Incompatible)