My Medic TFAK - Trauma First Aid Kit

My Medic TFAK - Trauma First Aid Kit

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A micro trauma kit packed with essential life-saving supplies. Designed by medical and firearm professionals, a first aid kit perfect for hunting, the gun range, your car, and more.

* Additional colors: Black, Orange, Inferno, Coyote, and Green are available. Please email to purchase additional colors and/or quantities. 
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  • Contains over 35 quality supplies, including 15 trauma items, such as chest seals and a tourniquet
  • Packable, all-in-one medical kit for the range
  • HSA/FSA approved

Trauma & First Aid Kit Includes:

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  • Super Wash - Saline wash for irrigating wounds or eyes
  • Small EMT Shears - Cut your way out of most anything
  • Space Blanket - Thermal insulation blanket designed to reflect 90% of body heat
  • 1 Pack of 2 Chest Seals - Treats penetrating injuries to the chest with one-way valve to prevent pneumothorax
  • CPR Shield - Creates barrier to prevent transmission of disease when performing CPR
  • Mini Tool Mod - Penlight, Tweezer, & Whistle
  • Gloves - 1 pair of disposable gloves
  • RATS Tourniquet - Easy use tourniquet to stop arterial bleeding
  • Compressed Gauze - Vacuum-sealed gauze to treat serious bleeding
  • Emergency Pressure Bandage - Compact trauma dressing to treat serious bleeding (4" x 36")
  • ZZIPS 2-Pack - (2) ZZIPS Devices & (1) Instruction for Use
  • QuikClot Pack - Hemostatic dressing to control traumatic bleeding
  • NPS 28 Med Pack - (1) NPA 28 & (1) Dynalube Packet
  • My Medic Marker - Felt tip pen, versatile in many situations

*Kit contents may be slightly modified with similar items due to stock shortages

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