Motorola DTR600 Two-Way Radio for Business 30-Channel 900 MHz

Motorola DTR600 Two-Way Radio for Business 30-Channel 900 MHz

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DTR600 digital two-way radios are equipped with 30 channel capacity and operate at 900 MHz. Available with a display and keypad, your radio will ship directly to your location with a battery, antenna, charger, and holster.

Motorola DTR600 Manual

Motorola DTR600 Data Sheet

The slim and rugged design of the Motorola DTR600 walkie talkie makes it the perfect communication tool for the retail, restaurant, hotel, office and assisted living industries. A full-graphic color display and intuitive navigation menu helps you quickly locate all radio features. The DTR600 offers flexible communication options, including Digital One-to-One Calling and Digital One-to-Many Calling. Experience great coverage, long battery life and digital audio quality that is loud and clear wherever you are. Radio weight and dimensions are calculated with the standard battery.

Physical Characteristics

Weight (LB-Pound): 1.3

Dimensions (-): 2.2 (W) 5.06 (H) 1.06 (L)

Radio Weight w/o batteries (LB-Pound): -

Performance Characteristics

Band Split: 900 Mhz

Display & Keypad Type: Full Color Display, Limited Keypad

Enhanced Radio Features: N/A

Estimated Battery Life @ 5/5/90 w/Standard Battery: 16.5 Hours

IP Rating: IP54

FCC License Required: No

Number of Channels: 30

Power: 1W

Programmable: Optional

Standard Package Includes: Radio, Battery, Charger, Antenna, Holster

Radio Protocol: Digital Conventional

Type: Portable

Primary Vertical Market: Retail, Restaurants, Small Hotel, Small Office, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

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