All-Gear Husky Bull Rope

All-Gear Husky Bull Rope

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Key Benefits

  • Excellent for Arborist Work.
  • Exceeds the Strength of Double Braid Polyester or Nylon
  • Husky UrethaneTM Coating for Excellent Resistance to Abrasion
  • Color Coded for Size Recognition


  • Exterior Construction: Polyester Jacket
  • Interior Construction: Nylon Core
  • Average Tensile Strength: Varies by Diameter (see below)
  • Elongation: 7% at 30% Tensile Strength/ Break Strength.
  • Material: Polyester over Nylon
  • Specific Gravity: 1.38
  • Coating: Water Based Urethane Coating
  • 1/2" 10,000lbs Average Strength Blue        .08lbs/FT
  • 5/8" 18,000lbs Average Strength Red         .14lbs/FT
  • 3/4" 23,000lbs Average Strength Orange   .17lbs/FT
  • 7/8" 32,000lbs Average Strength Green     .26lbs/FT
  • 1"    38,000lbs Average Strength Black       .39lbs/FT

Additional sizes and lengths available upon request.