FLAT 6 Haul System

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The FLAT6 is a very compact in-line haul system which produces a 5:1 mechanical advantage. These high strength blocks allow you to lift and lower the heaviest of loads. This system is perfect for pre-tensioning ropes in a speedline application and would also make a great accessory to the Portawrap that allows the user to
pre-tension lines, create lift or remove slack from systems with a lot of rope in between. 
The upper block has an integrated cam device to hold the rope in place. To release the rope, flip the tail upward and it will be released from the cam.


* Rope not included

Orange anodized aluminum side plates
Aluminum sheaves
High quality sealed stainless steel bearings
3/8" - 1/2" rope capacity - 7/16" is ideal
MBS: 9,000 lbs
WLL: 1,800 lbs
Weight: 3.4 lbs


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