First Watch HBV-100 High Buoyancy Type V Rescue Vest - Black

First Watch HBV-100 High Buoyancy Type V Rescue Vest - Black

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HBV-100 High Buoyancy Type V Rescue Vest - Red

The HBV-100 high buoyancy rescue vest has been designed and UL tested to safely carry the gear SAR professionals need to execute their duties.

MOLLE webbing is located front and back. The leg harness system distributes load through-out the vest and provides optimum comfort.


  • USCG Approved to be worn with Level III- A body armor
  • USCG Approved with up to 22lbs of gear worn on the vest
  • 3-D construction (circular) design insures optimum comfort/fit
  • MOLLE System for flexibility in attaching accessories
  • 3” Shoulder (length) adjustment system
  • Leg Harness System
  • Quick Release Rescue Belt
  • SOLAS Reflective tape Front & Back
  • 2-sizes fit up to 56” chest (including body armor worn beneath)
  • Color: Red
Accessories shown are not included.

    Sizing of the HBV-100

    “Please ensure that you purchase the correct size vest. The sizing is based on your chest circumference while wearing a “T” shirt. Measure right below the arms. Make sure that you take the correct measurement before utilizing the information below.

    S/M/L (small, medium, large) for 34″ to 44″ chest circumference.

    L/XL/XXL (large, x-large, xx-large) for 45″ to 55″ chest circumference.

    The HBV-100 vest was designed with consideration to the possible use of body armor. If you purchase the correct size vest as above, there will be ample room for your body armor (worn under the vest). DO NOT wear the body armor while taking the chest measurement.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Jim Neal
    First Watch HBV-100

    I have worn the vest 1 time and it met my expectations. I am hoping on getting the wider straps from First Watch. I trust that SRE would make every effort myself and other seeking equipment. They ae a top notch company that will go the extra mile for all of their customer!! I really enjoyed work with this company and would gladly offer any support to any customer the Company is a pleasure to work with they are great and very customer focused!! I can not emphasize the extent they will go to make the customer happy with any product they are looking for I would give them 10 out of 5 Stars on how they have Exceed my requests!!

    Edward Guerrero

    Looks and feels great cant wait to try it out

    Brennon Chancellor
    Excellent gear

    Great PFD and fits well. Plenty of space for add on gear and easy on and off. Highly recommend.