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All-Gear Swift Line Premium Recovery Tow Rope Winch Extension

Regular price $57.50

Premium UHWPE Recovery Rope is designed for use with ATV's, UTV's, jeeps, trucks, rescue apparatus, and agriculture equipment.  Use as a connection between two vehicles or as a winch extension to reach an anchor point.  Safer, stronger, and easier to work with than steel cable. Be prepared with these synthetic recovery slings. Other colors available upon request. 
  • Safer alternative to steel cable at 1/7th the weight
  • Urethane coating for excellent abrasion resistance
  • Easily repaired in the field
  • Specific gravity: .98 (floats on water)
  • Elongation: Less than 1% at 30% breaking strength
  • Chafe sleeve protected spliced eye on both ends
SIZES and STRENGTHS: (minimum breaking strength & safe working load)
1/4"-  MBS: 6,930 lbs     SWL: 1,040 lbs
3/8"-  MBS: 15,840 lbs   SWL: 2,380 lbs
1/2"-  MBS: 27,540 lbs   SWL: 4,130 lbs
3/4"-  MBS: 52,200 lbs   SWL: 7,830 lbs
1"-      MBS: 88,290 lbs   SWL: 13,240 lbs
Available in 25', 35', and 50' lengths. Please call for additional size options.