8' Polyester Round Sling

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Polyester Round Slings are endless loops available in approximate diameters of 5/8" Regular Duty , 7/8" Heavy Duty, 1-1/8" Extra Heavy Duty by 8 feet long. Polyester Round Slings are the most durable Lifting Slings. The Soft Moveable Polyester Cover slides to provide many different wear points on your slings. The weight bearing inside fibers are protected for a longer lasting sling. Polyester is a more abrasion resistant material than nylon. Please contact us for any special orders or private labeling.

Key Benefits

  • Polyester Exceeds the Durability of  Nylon.
  • Soft Moveable Polyester Cover Slides  to Provide More Wear Points.
  • Color Coded for Easy Identification.
SKU Approx. Diameter Vertical Choker Basket Color
AGPRS58 5/8" 2,100 lbs 2,600 lbs 5,200 lbs Purple
AGPRS78 7/8" 4,200 lbs 5,300 lbs 10,600 lbs Green
AGPRS118 1 1/8" 6,700 lbs 8,400 lbs 16,800 lbs Yellow


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