8:1 Haul System

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CMI has done it again. After extensive testing, they have developed the new, pint-sized 8:1 haul system. Now, hauling becomes much easier in this pre-rigged system utilizing 8 sheaves that turn on sealed ball bearings. The lower quad sheave pulley is mated to the upper, quad sheave, remotely triggered retractable brake. The cam can be locked in the open position to allow freedom of movement up and down or it can be closed so that the user can pull the load and simply let go of the rope, stopping the load in the current position. They chose to use NER VPC hybrid performance braid 8mm rope. VPC has a strong, lightweight core of vectran and polyefin surrounded by a durable UV-resistant polyester cover. VPC rope has a low elongation and provides excellent hand/grip. 100' of rope is included with about a 12' pull.
Location MBS Rope Capacity
Size(in) Weight
Upper Pulley
11,000 3/8" rope 5.50"x4.25" 1.20lbs
Lower Pulley 11,000 3/8" rope 4.25"x3.25" 1.05lbs


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