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Custom Amsteel-Blue Recovery Ropes (1,400lb - 750,000lb)

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Looking for a custom recovery rope? Call or email us and we can build what you need based on the strength, length, chafe protection, termination style, and design that you want. Whether you need a small rope for your UTV or a 375 Ton rope for your quarry equipment, we can help. Lead times may vary based on stock availability.

Call: 608-387-0960  Email: nick@sregear.com

AmSteel-Blue is a 12-Strand braided rope utilizing Parallay design with Samson's proprietary blue Samthane coating with Dyneema® SK-75 fiber. This rope yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and is stronger than wire rope constructions - yet it floats. Superior flex, fatigue and wear resistance. 

Working Load Limit of 3:1 breaking strength is recommended. NOT FOR LIFTING


  • Stronger than wire
  • Same elongation as wire
  • Extremely light
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Non-rotational
  • Class 2 12-Strand splice
  • Stronger than AmSteel
  • Much stronger than steel
  • Very low stretch
  • Easily spliced
  • Superior flex
  • Torque free
  • Uses Dyneema SK-75 HMPE fiber
  • A size for size strength replacement for wire rope at only 1/7th the weight
  • Torque-free, very flexible, easy to handle
  • Similar elastic elongation to wire rope
  • Easily inspected or field spliced
  • Floats
  • Fatigue and wear resistant

Due to unknown forces placed on recovery ropes, used rope is not returnable.

Click here for our Custom Rope warning label.